Lobster brokers are constantly concerned over the quality of their product.

J.K. Crawlers provides high grade lobster delivered on time, resulting in satisfied, loyal customers.


Good Quality, High-Grade Lobster Delivered on Time

Avoid missing a deadline or losing revenue due to poor quality product. Keep your reputation intact and provide your customers with high-grade lobster that arrives healthy and on time.

We understand you are anxious about the risk you feel you are taking by spending thousands of dollars having us ship live lobster to you half-way around the world.

We have a team of people that work closely through the entire process, ensuring your lobster yields a high-grade and is packaged safely in order to make the trek.

Receive the highest quality lobster possible.

All of our live lobsters are checked to assure the quality of our product is top notch.

Boost your reputation as the best lobster broker.

Please your customers with the best quality product that arrives healthy and on time.

J.K. Crawlers is a supplier you can depend on.

All of our live lobsters are checked to assure the quality of our product is top notch.

High quality, on time and healthy lobster. You can count on it.

Call or email to discuss your needs and to learn more about the high-quality lobster we sell.

Fear getting a sub quality product from an overseas supplier?

Stop stressing over having to bring in lobster from overseas without having any control over the quality of the product and the shipping process. We can help.


J.K. Crawlers Inc

Our Product

The lobsters that we deal in are all caught here in Nova-Scotia, home of the Lobster Capital of the world. We have a process of grading that we do to determine the weight classes of each premium lobster. As we grade through our product we are assured that the lobsters are lively and hard shelled so that they will be filled with delicious meat.

Division Into Weight Classes

When the grading process is taking place, the workers place the live lobsters onto a scale one by one. The lobsters are then placed into a crate with a distinguished tag on it to indicate the name of a specific weight class. The weight classes go in order as such; Chix, Quarters, Halves, 1.75-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-6, and 6-9. Not all dealers have the same requests so there are also alternate classes such as; CQH, 2-4, 6+/Jumbo, B1-2, B2-4, Cull and Processor (weak).

Weights Are By The Pound (Lbs.)

Not every live lobster company will have the exact same grading protocol as us, so we are speaking for ourselves in regard to our grading classes.

Be proud of your investment knowing you brokered high-quality lobster that will exceed your customer’s expectations.

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