Our Product

Homarus Americanus (American Lobster)

The lobsters that we deal in are all caught fresh here in Nova Scotia, home of the Lobster Capital of the world. We have a process of grading that we do to determine the weight classes of each premium lobster. As we grade through our product we are assured that the lobsters are lively and hard shelled so that they will be filled with delicious meat.


Grading Process

Division Into Weight Classes

Weights are by the pound (lbs)

When the grading process takes place, the workers place live lobsters onto a scale one by one. If it passes inspection it is then placed into a crate with a distinguished tag on it to indicate the name of the specific weight class.  The crates are then submerged in our holding tank filled with ocean water.


Need help with logistics?  Just Ask!

Our knowledgeable staff can arrange a variery of shipping options (via truck of air) to guarentee your lobsters arrive quick and safe.

Fast and reliable routes are essential to minimize the out of water time.

JK Crawlers can provide the following sizes to all customers. 

Grade Names
Grade Weight
Chix 0.90-1.24 lbs.
Quarters 1.25-1.49 lbs.
Halves 1.50-1.74 lbs.
1.75-2 (Selects) 1.75-2 lbs.
2-3 2-3 lbs.
3-4 3-4 lbs.
6-9+ 6-9 lbs. or more
Hard Cull 1 or no claws
Processor Weak or damaged
CQH 0.90-1.74 lbs.

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