JK Crawlers provides premium quality Nova Scotia lobster to customers all over the world.

From local shipping to global exports, we can do it all!

Equipt with our own truck fleet, we guarentee our lobsters are always delivered on time.

All of our lobsters a hand graded by our experienced employees to ensure only top tier lobsters are selected for shipping.

We understand the risks of exporting live lobsters all over the world, which is why we have a team of people that work closely throught the entire process, ensuring your lobster is packed and shipped safely to to make the trek.

Receive the highest quality lobster possible.

All of our live lobsters are checked to assure the quality of our product is top notch.

Boost your reputation as the best lobster broker.

Please your customers with the best quality product that arrives healthy and on time.

J.K. Crawlers is a supplier you can depend on.

We will take care of the logistics so our customers can have peace of mind.

High quality and healthy lobster delivered on time. You can count on it.

Call or email to discuss your needs.  We are happy to answer any questions or provide you with a quote.

Stop stressing over having to bring in lobster from overseas without having any control over the quality of the product and the shipping process. We can help.


Be proud of your investment knowing you brokered high-quality lobster that will exceed your customer’s expectations.

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Gather Information About Shipment

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Discuss Pricing

Pricing is determined at time of quote but can change on a day or two notice.

Confirm Freight

Freight costs are related to the amount of lobster being shipped and where they need to get shipped to. Crate sizes also play a factor.

Final Quote

A final quote is completed for the customer to confirm before shipping arrangements are made.

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